Florida has some really hard salespeople.  They are trained to "seek blood".  Here are several sure ways of getting in and out of a timeshare presentation within the 90 - 120 minutes asked. 

1. NEVER EAT THEIR BREAKFAST/LUNCH/DINNER! Almost always they offer SOME KIND of meal. Your presentation time does not begin until AFTER you finish your meal/coffee, etc.

2. If you already know what resort your touring, do some research on it. Find out how much "resale" prices are off of different websites. And most importantly bring it with you! Nothing gets under their skin more than an "educated" buyer. Some will say not to buy from other resellers because you lose the resort "star" treatment!  Simply say, "I wouldn't want to buy from a company who does not treat all owners with the FULL respect they deserve!" Just because some have intelligence enough not to end up paying 17% in interest, they should not be punished!

3. DON'T BE AFRAID OF BEING RUDE! Some people are afraid to be rude to people who have no problems being RUDE to them!  Bring materials to read.  BE RUDE – after their 90-120 minutes are up!

4. If you know for sure that you’re not interested in buying (absolutely sure) and you didn't eat their food - make it CLEAR from the beginning that you have to pick up your family or friend at the airport within 2 hours.

5. If you have been through a presentation before tell them you have. That way you don't have to go thru that speech of how good of an investment the timeshare is, and how much money you'll be saving.

6. If you have ANY complaints about the property (particularly if you are staying on that site). Bring a list of every reason why you would not buy from that property.

7. Show your disinterest in your face. These people are trained to "pick up" on those interested.

8. If you are doing a timeshare at a world-wide chain like Marriott, Fairfield or Starwood, they are usually low pressure, but still do your research. These are the most expensive.

9. Let them know that you are maxxed out financially (including credit cards) and have NO means for a down payment. NO ONE will let you leave without some kind of down payment. Say: “I will buy if I don’t have to put down any money – no, I will not leave a post-dated check either."  Works every time!

10. If they get you to buy and you immediately realize (after leaving the parking lot) that you don't want it or can't afford it. Immediately send your letter to the resort, using registered and delivery notification confirmation to protect yourself, within 3-4 days (it could be more or less) to cancel because after that grace period, it could end up on your credit report.  

11. If you don't own a home yet you have to perfect excuse, Why would I buy vacation property before a home? Say, “I must prioritize and right now, it’s not even an option.”

12. If you have children, BRING them! Children especially impatient ones (that includes about 99.9% of them)! Let them cry, encourage temper tantrums, and most importantly let the toddler future track star (you know the one that keeps running away from you) Let them do their thing.

13.  As for phone numbers, cell or  land , so you may get in touch with the office in case you need to, they will not provide this info unless you ask, in fact even if they do if you try calling when you get home chances are you won't have much luck if you are calling to get out of a contract.

14. Make sure you get an email address for the office in case you buy.. you have a specific number of business days to cancel in case you change your mind and some companies ask you to submit the cancellation via email and CC them so they may have proof of when you cancelled.

15. It is very difficult  to use the excuse ' that is too much money'  they will work the equation into more weeks for less money and have your head spinning for hours.  The sales people will also give you the ' you have to do it now because even if you come back tomorrow we cannot give you the same deal'.  Do not buy into that...

Sounds like a lot,  but still it can be worth it, if the stay is nice (or you are getting a great "gift").