For parking information print out this map: 

While the City of Miami Beach offers the Parking and Transportation card, good on Electro wave and in all city of Miami Beach meters, and in most lots and garages; Coral Gables mostly favors coin parking meters.

In some parking meters, you can use coins, but don’t rely on that as in many neighborhoods meters only accept parking cards that can be purchased from vending machines on the sidewalks. In some places as Coconut Grove, you need to display the parking stub on the dashboard. You can pay cash or with any major credit card. If you are using cash, make sure that you have change, as many machines only accept low figure bills ($1 and $5).

Cards for one neighborhood cannot be used in another, so plan ahead and know the procedure for each place.

After 6 in the evening, parking is free in some neighborhoods. Read the info on the meter to be certain you don't get a ticket!

Free parking is not always possible - you must obey the signs or risk a ticket or having your car towed away. Call your hotel in advance and ask them to detail their parking charges and to provide info on nearby parking lots and on-street parking. Then decide what works best for you. There are many residential areas north of Dade Blvd. that allow free, short term, on-street parking along the swale areas. NEVER park within 15 feet of a fire hydrant, on a sidewalk, at a red painted curbside, in a designated Residential Zone, in a disabled parking space if you are not disabled, nor on anyone's lawn. Take a moment to read EVERY sign in front of and behind your parked car and obey the hours indicated.

If you park in an alley or utilize the parkng lot of a store that is closed for the night, your car will be towed away. Call Beach Towing 305-534-2128 or Tremont Towing 305-672-2395 to find out if they have your car. They are not very friendly folks and will require CASH and photo ID plus proof of ownership to retrieve your car. Should you leave the car overnight, a storage charge will be added to the towing fee... this will be more than $100 U.S . The drivers are not opened to threats and negotiations. They are absolutely not flexible. They are big, SERIOUS people.

 Finding Parking:

Online: You can find parking online by searching on this map for Miami Beach parking.  Just pick the duration of time you will be parking for and current prices for all the lots in the area will be shown.  Click on the blue bubbles for more information on the parking lot (rates, hours of operation, payment options, etc.).

Smartphone App: You can also find parking anytime, anywhere by downloading the BestParking app for iPhone, for Android, or by visiting on your mobile browser. 

While most parking lots accept both cash and credit card, there are a few that accept cash only, so make sure to have a few dollars on you just in case or look for a lot that will accept credit cards. 

The info online at

is a great place to get the addresses of the city garages.

City parking lots and garages are the best bet for clean safe REASONABLE parking. If you are staying more than a day or two on Miami Beach and will be driving around, you can buy a parking meter card at any Publix Supermarket that is loaded with $25 in parking meter money (a meter runs $1 an hour, so $25 may suit your needs if you're planning on parking for an evening out, a day at the beach... it adds up). The card can also be utilized for public transportation.

Generally speaking, the best bet for longer visits is to find a garage near your hotel on this website and stash the car overnight rather than paying the high tarriff of a hotel valet. A taxi up and down the Beach (305-532-5555) may be cheaper and easier than trying to find parking. If you opt to valet park your car, leave nothing of value in the car, the glove box or the trunk. If you park on the street, leave nothing visible in the passenger compartment.

On a budget? The Electro Wave is gone but there is a new circle line all around South Beach you will love... Check out this site:

to see the all-new shuttle service all around South Beach (7.45am - 1am) for just 25 cents per person. The route map on this site details ALL the parking garages on the line so you can park your car and ride the new shuttle.