Breakfast can be the best meal of the day in Miami with all the Cuban style cafes and fresh fruit stands and bakeries at every turn.

Want to sit down? Try a Latin cafe like Latin America or La Carreta for a cheap sit down breakfast of cafe con leche (expresso with milk), Cuban toast (Cuban bread, buttered and pressed until crisp and hot), eggs, potatoes and ham. All for an average price of $4.00, you can even find them for as cheap as $2.00 if you look around..

Want a quick snack? Try any of the outside windows at any cuban latin cafe and try any of the pastries in the glass case found at every cafe...pastelitos (flaky pastry turnovers with fillings such as spiced beef, ham, sweetened cream cheese and guava) or croquetas (croquettes)with fillings such as ham, shrimp,and cream cheese) or how about a papa rellena (stuffed potato) breaded mashed potatoes with a spcied meat filling) or an empanada (a meat filled fried turnover) with the requisite cafesito (cuban coffe)? 

Want your fruit for the day? Try a latin fruitstand like El Palacio de los Jugos (the Fruit Palace) for the prerequisite pastlitos and empanadas as well as fresh fruits, fruit salads, juices, shakes and coconut milk. See tropical fruit you may have never seen before such as the carambola, nispero, mamey, guava and papaya.

Looking for a more traditional American style breakfast?  Try the Chuckwagon for some old fashioned grits, biscuits and ham kind of stuff.