You'll probably find a less-expensive airfare by flying into Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL), a half an hour's drive north of Miami than flying directly into Miami. This airport receives hundreds of flights per day and thousands of visiting travelers, primarily from domestic locations. Ft. Lauderdale's rental-car agencies usually offer great deals. If you don't rent a car, you can take the airport shuttle to Miami. The service is efficient and timely. For $ 12, you share a car that will take you at any location in Miami. A great deal, considering that you already saved a couple of hundreds dollars flying into this airport. If you have to drive on -95 to get back to FLL from the Miami area, expect a driving time one hour longer in rush hours.

Miami International Airport ( MIA ) is the city's international airport. It is one of American Airline's major hubs. It has service to almost every capital city in Latin America (flights from American carriers from Mexico to South America make a connection here), and most European capitals and important cities. MIA is one of the busiest airports in the U.S.

With many new national stores, the airport shopping and dining area is small, but pleasant. It can be confusing to cruise around the airport as it is really big and expect it to be bigger as it is under expansion. Some sections have been almost completed as the North Terminal, an American Airlines spot, on Concourse D. Many Americans who fly in and out of Florida regularly advise people to avoid MIA, which has a scruffy, unloved feel and very long walks with inadequate travelators. If you walk down the wider part of the corridors be ready to be beeped out of the way by the speedy and rude drivers of the vehicles carrying people who can't make the walk!

Once you leave the airport, you can take a taxi with fares calculated on the zone basis, or you can take a shuttle that serves the entire region with shared van rides. Or, you can rent a car. All the major agencies have an office there. Take the company bus that will take you to the agency of your preference. Check first whether your hotel runs a shuttle bus!

Public Transport Access to/from Miami International Airport:  The planned spur of Miami's Metrorail to the airport should improve things; but you can now get to and from the airport, relatively inexpensively, by public transport. At MIA Terminal E, ground floor level, is a bus station with several lines going to different parts of the city.  There is also a shuttle between the airport and Tri-Rail commuter rail to other nearby cities in South Florida.  Service may not be super-frequent on some lines, and may stop earlier than your flight on others.  But it still should be do-able between perhaps 7AM and 11PM.  Bus number 150, the Airport Flyer, runs generally half-hourly between the airport and South Beach, with last airport departures at 11:10PM weekdays, 11PM weekends, as of June 2012. You can take this bus directly to South Beach, or go to  Earlington Heights Metrorail station (about 9 minutes either way to/from the airport) for rail connectivity.  If you pay cash, the #150 Airport Flyer bus currently costs $2.35, with another $2.00 payable when you reach the rail station.  If you buy an EASY Ticket at a machine at the airport or a rail station, the combined cost with transfer between bus and rail (or vice versa) should be about $2.85 (total).  Bus #238, the East-West Connection, also runs between the airport and Earlington Heights Metrorail for slightly lower cost, but ceases running from the airport about 8:20PM, and to the airport about 7:20PM, as of June 2012. You can get more information at the airport bus station, from staff, the fliers showing bus times, other passengers, the Website noted below, etc.  One traveller recently needed 3 hours to get from the airport to downtown (due to incorrect advice given him by various airport staff, etc., combined with an unscheduled 1-hour gap between Metrorail trains which should have been running at half-hourly intervals late on a weekday).  The return trip from the MetroMover to the airport took 55 minutes in the middle of another weekday, after the visitor had learned more about how the system works (and got routine, on-schedule, connections). MetroRail is operational since July 2012. It is the cheapest and fastest way to travel to or from the airport.

The Website for  Miami-Dade Transit  gives more details on bus, rail, and gratis downtown Metromover connections - maps, times, fares, and discount options.