Miami Florida has great weather year-round with warm and sunny days and breezy tropical nights. Miami boasts the warmest ocean temperature in the United States mainland - making it the perfect spot for a beach vacation 12 months a year. Bring your sunglasses, bathing suite, and beach towel and you’re ready to relax and enjoy the semi-tropical climate of Miami.

November through mid April is the most popular time to visit Miami, as this is the cold season in the rest of the United States. The warm, dry,  and sunny winter climate of Miami is the playground for the rich and famous. Miami has the  warmest winter temperatures on the United States mainland. High temperatures average from 75 to 77 F from December through March (though many days see temps over 80 F) and warm nights average near 60 F. In the winter months Miami sees the most tourists, and beaches, hotels and roads are the most crowed. While sidewalk cafes and outdoor venues are common 12 months a year in Miami, they can be the most crowed in the winter months. The summer months (June – September) see hotter temps and the rainy season, so the crowds are smaller.

 Pack light weight and light colored clothing if traveling to Miami in most months (this is a semi-tropical climate).  Sandals are the preferred casual footwear in Miami – heavy shoes and socks will be uncomfortable for daily activities. If you plan on heading to the trendy South Beach cafes and restaurants, pack the lightest weight dress clothes and shoes you have. If traveling in the coldest winter months (December through February), pack a few pars of long pants and long sleeve shirts (even a light sweat jacket) just in case a cool winter morning appears (below 60 F). Typical winter dress is Bermuda shorts, light shirts, and sandals in Miami.

 There are shows and events in Miami 12 months a year, from the PGA Tour, to top ranked tennis events, and world class fashion shows, to the Annual Miami Taste of Brickell Food & Wine Festival in March…Miami is home to dance shows, theater, film festivals, and food and wine events every week of the year.