The Everglades habitat at Jungle Island is nice, but very small, similar in smaller scale to Miami's Metrozoo (which has a lot more birds and animals and about one third the admission price). The Jungle has a lot of shady areas, new buildings and  exhibits,  and a inflatable slide (call to verify if slide will be operating wet or dry) if you like that sort of thing. The only air conditioned areas are the huge gift shops and restaurants.

The Lakeside Cafe has meals for around 6 to 8 dollars and it's a step up from fast food standards. You may want to go there before the rush to avoid a long wait when you're hungry.

The park is good for 2 to 4 hours for a family, try to go early to beat the heat or the regular Miami afternoon thunderstorms. There is a seven dollar charge for parking, but as this is covered parking with covered walkways leading to the attraction.

There are a lot of pretty parrots hanging around in trees scattered around the park, and you may take photos, but you cannot take personal photos when they pose you with animals; they charge per picture (packages start at $19.95) for that service.

Of course they want you to buy the photos and make money, like many parks do. But you can also just save up those tickets, ask them to take a BUNCH of photos, pose every person in your party separately, take lots of pics, and then you can just buy a CD of ALL pics from the day for a flat fee and do with them what you want. You also get a free 8x10 with that.

You could miss out on a LOT of what there is to offer at this park - 2 to 3 hours does not even cover what is available, so you may want to check out the reviews, as well. There is a ton to do here, some great interactive shows, parrots to feed, more than the local zoos. It's a great place, give it a try but be sure to realize HOW MUCH there is to do, so you don't miss out on anything.  Where else can you go into a kangaroo enclosure and feed, touch, and hug kangaroos? They are sooooo soft! There are many interactive animal experiences to have here, this is not like a typical zoo at all.