There are a lot of things that kids can do in Miami and the cities around it. Here are a bunch of places that children would like to go:

Venetian Pool-Coral Gables
The Venetian Pool is a combination of a water park and an Olympic swimming pool. They have a large stretch of pool which ranges from 3 to 10 feet deep. Of course, younger siblings can go in the kiddie pool, but it's only 1-2 feet deep! In the main pool there are two waterfalls with little caverns inside to sit in while you watch the rushing water (not for kids under 7, too hard to get in). Also you could go into the caves, a fun place to be for all ages, that isn't very deep and is great for hide and seek. Above the caves is a little jacuzzi (sadly, not heated) from which you can jump off into the main pool. If you don't want to swim, there is a little beach with sand that goes deep enough for me to dig a whole large enough for me (5' at the time) to stand in without being able to see out of it, and a snack bar with picnic tables. You can have birthday parties at the Venetian Pool, so you can share the experience of it with your friends. Unfortunately, the pool is freezing cold at first since it is not heated but you get used to it. You pay less to get in if you are a resident of Coral Gables, but people from all over come to swim anyway.

Pinecrest Gardens-Pinecrest
Pinecrest Gardens used to be where Parrot Jungle was located until Parrot Jungle moved to across the street to the Children's Museum (also in this passage). Now it doesn't have all the parrots in the exhibits, but now admission is free since it is now owned by the town of Pinecrest. They have a playground and a meadow that is perfect for playing football or setting up cones and goals for soccer. You can take a trail that has a lot of plants and ponds with fish and fish food machines (pay and get to feed the fish). One of the newer attractions in Pinecrest Gardens is the Splash N' Play, a miniature water park. Here is one of the secrets of the Splash N' Play: Have people cover most of the jets on the ground to build up pressure and the uncovered jets shoot water sky high! Next to the playground is a lookout tower that has a clear view of a duck pond that has a lot of iguanas roaming around- see if you can spot them. Pinecrest Gardens is a great place for the whole family.

Miami Children's Museum-Miami
The Children's Museum is an awesome place that is huge and has many things to do in it. On the outside there is a sundial that shows time and a bunch of other things like the season. Inside there are a bunch of exhibits. One is the supermarket exhibit, where you pick fruit and vegetables and pick out things for you to "buy" and take them to checkout. Fun for younger kids. Another exhibit is the sea exhibit, where you fish for magnetic fish from a boat. There are a lot of other exhibits, like the firefighter, money, and news exhibits. In the news exhibit, you read the scoop off of a scrolling screen in front of a camera, while your family watches you on the television screens. They have a rock climbing wall with 3 levels of difficulty and a board of best climbing times (the rock climbing wall has a fee in addition to the museum entrance fee). The new exhibit is on robots where you operate many robots, like a robot arm, a light-sensitive roverbot that you control with a flashlight, and a romote control roverbot. On the walls they debate on which is smarter, a human or robot, and explain the difference between a robot and a machine. Younger kids get a big kick out of the entire museum, but the older kids like it too.   There’s a music room with real karaoke booths.

Miami Museum of Science-Miami
The Museum of Science is a great museum. It currently has an exhibit on the Titanic and its artifacts. They have an exhibit on the Smithsonian Expedition as a permanent exhibit, and also an exhibit on Newton's ideas, which is scattered through the museum since the Titanic exhibit is so large. A fun little exhibit is a game where you are trying to destroy a parasite in an astronaut's body that was from an experiment that she was working on when her ship was hit by asteroids, and she accidentally inhaled the deadly chemicals. You use little nanobots that go in through the bloodstream to locate the parasite and destroy it. Fun for most kids, and a little educational, but more like a video game than an educational experience. They also have a planetarium that has shows a few times a day, and summer camps on many different subjects, from photography and rocketry to magic and movies.    There is also a small wildlife center with snakes, turtles and birds.