Key West has more to offer than people expect. Everything from fishing, to snorkeling, to Art Galleries, Museums, Historical points of interest, etc.. You can stay at a Hotel, Motel, or the best way, at a Guesthouse. Anything you could possibly want to see or do in "Old Town" is within walking distance.  There are all types of Guesthouses and hotels, on or near "Duval St", but it's reccomended to find one off the beaten path, and take the easy walk to any part of old town. Not the greatest beaches in the world, but they are nice,  and quiet.  The food and the nightlife is abundant and wide spread. If you can't find what you're looking for here in Key West, you'll never find it. The locals here are amazing.  Most are very helpful, kind, considerate, and very fun!!! Key West also looks out for thier own, raisng more money for charities, than any where else in the country (per capita) The culture and ethniticity of this "carribean" island in The States, is very diverse and deep in history. Very laid back, and beautiful, georgous weather!!!