This is the only Shark Tour in the continental United States. Captain Ken Harris is a 30 year veteran fishing guide with over 70 world records caught out of his charter boat.  He has also appeared in over 15 fishing shows on ESPN, Outdoor Channel, etc.  He took ten years planning this EcoTour and had a 34 foot catamaran custom built to take passengers into the beautiful backcountry of Key West.   Captain Dave Harris has over 20 years experience on the waters of Key West.  Former Director of the Key West Aquarium, Dolphin and Sea Lion trainer for Ocean World, and S.E. Regional Curator for Rainforest Cafe at Disney in Orlando.  Captain Dave has done extensive educational presentattions.  This tour is for the person who wants to see sharks and does not want to get into the water with them.  Captain's Ken & Dave Harris are both wildlife experts and their passion for the animals they show you is very evident.  Not only do you see sharks up close and personal, but there is a wide variety of marine life to be viewed.  Sea turtles, Stingrays, various fish and of course a wide variety of seabirds.  The tour concludes spending some time searching for Dolphins.  They see Dolphins 80 to 90 percent of the time.    The boat is safe, comfortable, and there is plenty of shade.  Drinks (non-alcoholic), snacks (chips), and polarized sunglasses (if you need them), are included in the price.  There has not been a sea sick person on this tour in over four years.  This tour is exciting, educational, and fun for all ages.

Lemon Shark

Mother Dolphin & Calf