Kayak or Paddle Board? What to choose for your water experience? For enjoyable experience it is very important to choose a right gear. There are many factors to consider when choosing kayaks or paddleboards: weather conditions, fitness, balance skills to name just a few.

There are a couple advantages of using the kayak for your rental or tour. Double kayaks provide shared experience so when you notice interesting object or animal in the water you will automatically share this experience with your partner in the kayak. Clear bottoms provide undisturbed underwater snorkeling like vision so you can observe sea life closely right below your vessel. You are in the sitting position in your kayak so it is very easy to keep your balance and focus only on your beautiful surroundings. The sitting position makes you more wind and waves resistant so it is very important to use kayaks over paddleboards when the wind is blowing over 15 knots.

The Nalu board is a perfect paddleboard/kayak hybrid that allows tours to operate in the windy conditions of Key West.  It's revolutionary design allows it to be used as a sit-on-top kayak when the winds would make it difficult to stand up and paddle and also used as a paddleboard while close to the islands where the winds are not as strong.       

Paddleboards are enjoyable when winds are lower than 12 knots otherwise you are affected by the wind and it is extremely hard to make it upwind. When the weather is calm stand up paddleboards provide unique way of ocean exploration. High point of view allows you to notice ocean animals, plants and other interesting objects in a large area around your board.

Paddleboarding is moderate full body exercise so it will definitely help you stay fit, feel good and strong after your tour. Paddle boarding requires some balance skills and right paddling techniques but you can get instructions.