Rental cars are available at the Key West International Airport.  Several national rental agencies do business here, including Alamo, Hertz and Thrifty.  Having a car may be a good option if you plan to take a driving tour of some of the other Florida Keys along  US-1  However, if you are planning on staying in town, in may be more trouble than it is worth, as parking is limited and most places of interest are within walking distance. There are a few rental companies which require a ten minute shuttle to their lot, such as Alamo & National.

Taxis are readily available at the airport to take you to your hotel after you fly in. The cabs are arranged in a special order of departure, unless you specifically demand a certain driver or car (for instance, if there are 3 sedans and a van, you can request the van even if it is not the "next available".)

Fares are as follows for airport departures ONLY: Single (lone) passengers go on the meter from the airport to the destination. $2.75 drop, then .55 per 1/5 mile and 50 seconds. A single from the airport to the Pier House, for example, is around $15-17.

 If there are two or more passengers traveling together, the rates are between $5.50 and $7.50 per person, depending on your destination. There are rate sheets inside and outside of every taxi in town, very well marked. At the airport, every taxi charges the same by law, and there are no "gypsy cabs".

 For in-town cab rides, fares are on the meter, regardless of number of passengers up to four. For four or more, a group rate of $4.50 per person is allowed.  Key West is very small and well regulated...gypsy cabs are non-existant. Cabs may look very different from each other but the industry is tight and allows no intrusions.  During special occasions, such as Fantasy Fest, the City designates cabs to charge a per person fee, currently $4.50 for groups.

For those going out of KW and up the keys, negotiate your fare before you begin, as there are no set regulations once you leave the City. However, most every cab will charge no more than $2 per mile.

For a trip around town, call one of the local cab services to arrange service, or wave one down on the street.

Friendly Cab Co. operates around the clock, seven days a week:  305-295-5555 as does Five Sixes Cab: 305-296-6666 (there are several other companies with the same phone number). There are also eight independent taxis in Key West, each with a phone number on its side. Hint: most drivers will offer 20% off your return trip to the airport if you call the number on their business card.