Haile Homestead is a 6,200 square foot restored historic home built in 1856.  The house is located in Gainesville, Florida on a forested lot west of I-75 on Archer Road (highway 24).  The home has been restored but there is only a little furniture inside. The house is interesting but the real show at Haile is in the "talking walls."  The interior walls have thousands of words hand written on them by both residents and visitors to the house.  The writings include recipes, lists, addresses, poems, random thoughts and more, as well as a few drawings scattered about.  The first entry was done in 1859 and most of the writing was done prior to 1930, but a few more recent lines can be found.  A movie was partially filmed in the house in the mid nineteen-seventies and the film crew added a line or two.  Children will probably be happier elsewhere, but the friendly docents do a great job of unfolding the history of the home for adults.  They seem to welcome questions and visitors are free wander about for a closer look after the informal tour.  You are also free to make photographs inside and out.  This unique bit of history is well worth the $5.00 per person entry fee.  Plan on visiting on Saturday (10 - 2) or Sunday (12 - 4), as they are usually not open on week days.