Only after driving from the airport (RSW) for the first time at the highest point of the bridge that links this magnificent location to the mainland does one's heart skip a beat at the view.  How could anything named as mundanely as FT Myers Beach be so lovely?  You are looking down and ahead at  turquoise water and a scattering of pastel buildings on the immediate seashore.Estero Island is the shape of a green bean, reclining off the west coast of Florida, immediately south of 2 other islands, Sanibel and Captiva, both of which seen to have garnered plenty of  cachet.

It is a "one road in" and "the same road out" place.  The most frequent "in" is at the end of that bridge in the northern area of the island; its corresponding "out" is a  a lovely series of causeways which bring the driver to Bonita Beach.  At virtually no point on "the road", formally named Estero Boulevard, are you out of sight of the Gulf.

Good family recreation begins at Times Square which you'll be in at the foot of the bridge.  This area is replete with shops and open air dining.  A public beach with an interesting fisherpersons' pier is at this first stop.

Shortly down the road is an area of interest to young adults (of all ages).  It's where the family members who like parasailing,  jet skis or grabbing a beer on a porch with plenty of music in the background will be in heaven.

Within a blink of the eye, heading south, the scene quiets down.  And remains serene for the remainder of the ride.

Along the way, wherever one stops, the Gulf is available, warm and welcoming. And if one is really lucky, one may find a few  (or very many) sand dollars and starfish.  And what's not to like for the family members who like to stroll, power-walk, push a stroller  or run or bike on the over 5 miles of flat beach seashore?