The public transportation system in Fort Myers can be considered adequate. LeeTran operates 17 fixed bus routes in Lee County, and these run from 5am until 9:45pm Monday through Saturday, with limited bus service on Sundays. In addition, there is also a “Park and Ride” trolley service that will get you to and from the various beaches. Consult the official LeeTran Web site for detailed schedules.

Fares are $1 per ride and transfers $.15, and an all-day pass, and multi-trip pass are available. Seniors are $.50, with day and other passes also available. Children under 17 ride free with a LeeTran pass. Bike racks are available on most buses.

For late night trips, be sure to arrange other transportation for return trips. If you’re staying in city center of Fort Myers it is generally safe enough even at night for a nice short stroll. Many of the hotels are also within walking distance of the beach too.

If you’re venturing further out, taxicabs are also available from some of the larger hotels. You can also call to arrange a pickup although it sometimes takes awhile for them to arrive.  Cabs are also available at the Southwest Florida International Airport, along with shuttle buses to get you to your hotel.  Fort Myers is not the type of town where you will find cabs cruising for fares.

People who live in Ft. Myers do not heavily use the public transportation system and locals consider the public transportation less than adequate. It is definitely a "drive your own car" sort of town. It is not very pedestrian friendly either. Bus stops can be difficult to find and most do not have any sort of shelter from the sun or rain.  If you plan to be moving around town much, a rental car is probably in order.

In November of 2012 a standard sized car (Chevy Cruze) at Enterprize RAC cost $575.00 for 6 days and collision insurance was included ($23.00 per day). Renting cars on Florida's Gulf coast is just unbelievably expensive and the second most costly vacation component after luxury accommodations on Fort Myers beach's gold coast.