Ft. Myers has a subtropical climate, with hot and muggy summers (summer is the monsoon season) and warm winters. Winters usually have days with 75F as a high and 52F as a low, but sometimes colder weather pushes into the region. Summers are generally around 94F during the day and 77-80F at night. Spring and fall are the best times of year to visit, with highs in the 80sF and lows in the 60sF. The water temperature ranges from upper 60sF in winter to near 90F in summer, and the 70s-80sF the rest of the year. When planning a visit to Fort Myers (or the surrounding area) in the summer, make flexible plans, and do not freak out when you see the weather forecast. It will likely predict rain, every single day. This is actually quite accurate, but the forecast will change frequently throughout the day. Plan on a short shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon, or early evening. Rainstorms here usually do not last for a long period of time, so don't cancel your beach day simply because it is forecasted to rain at noon.