A reasonably safe city, Fort Myers does have a crime rate that is a bit above the national average, and this includes violent crimes such as robbery. While most visitors are unlikely to experience any sort of crime, it is advisable to stay in well-lit streets and the heavily traveled blocks around the city center. Women shouldn’t travel alone late at night if they can help it. When in doubt call a cab.

Among the most common crime in Fort Myer is automobile burglary, and the local police recommend that you park your car in an area of high pedestrian activity, and avoid dark isolated streets. And be cautious in parking lots and garages, as these can be target areas of thieves.

Even if you are only gone for a few minutes you should lock your cars doors and close all the windows. Don’t leave loose change around in plain sight in your parked car, as the police advise that this attract street people who often look for the spare change. Likewise, don’t leave a cell phone in your car in plain site either, as these and laptop computers are sought after by thieves.