The Fort Lauderdale street system is set up as a grid like many other cities.  Although it is fairly easy for locals to find what they need, it can be somewhat confusing for tourists.  The key to finding where you want to go is to know if you are looking for a street/boulevard or an avenue.  As a general rule, streets and boulevards run east-west and avenues run north-south.  When city blocks are further subdivided, you may find a “place” or “terrace” between the streets.  For example, NE 16th Place.  Between avenues, look for a “terrace” or “way” to subdivide the block.


The other important factor in finding a location in Fort Lauderdale is to know the ordinal direction.  Most street addresses will carry the ordinal of north, south, east, west, or one of the four combinations: north-east, north-west, south-east, south-west.  Point zero for the ordinal directions is the cross streets of Broward Boulevard and Andrews Avenue in Downtown Fort Lauderdale.  This directional system works well once you understand it.  However, finding locations in Downtown can prove difficult as NE 2nd Street and NW 2nd are within blocks of each other.