Destin's neighborhoods are very different from one another in terms of commercial and tourist activity as well as architecture. Their character depends largely on whether they belong to the areas of Choctawachee Bay or to the Gulf of Mexico.

  • The Choctawachee Bay area is located north of Highway 98 and is characterized by pleasant bay front properties with spectacular views of the bay, and dozens of fishing boats. Some of the highlights of the bay include such locations as the Kelly Plantation, Indian Bayou, Regatta Bay and Sandestin Beach and Golf Resort.
  • The neighborhoods on the Gulf of Mexico side start with East Pass which is essentially the link between the bay and the gulf. Then there is Holiday Isle, a great adventure and a good challenge for boaters with its many canals. Some of the best fishing happens here. Just past Henderson Beach State Park, you'll start to notice Victorian style cottages and scenic roads. Development is less dense in this area. Further on, there is Destiny: an area appealing beacause of its tropical style buildings and its tile roofs.