When in Florida you see tons of sandy white beaches. But have you ever driven one? Well, there's one place where this is possible.... Daytona Beach! If you are in the neighborhood, make a small detour for this unusual experience. Just pay a small fee and then you’re off. It is a great feeling to walk on the beach and feel the sand between your toes. But to drive (at 10 mph) the white sands and see the seagulls not moving from the vehicle and watching not to hit playing kids, is something entirely different! For a moment you feel as if you were in a Hollywood movie…. especially when driving a convertible.

Many visitors and locals love to pack up the car with snacks and drinks - don't forget the beach toys or the fishing rod - and find their own spot on the beach and hang all day. Local vendors sell food and rent everything from tricked out golf carts to surfboards - to umbrellas and chairs. A cherished part of Daytona Beach history for over 100 years. Daytona Beach became "The World's Most Famous Beach" due to the speed records set here and the results published all over the world in the last century. Take a slow cruise or better yet  -  park and hang out.