Visit the Coral Gables Love,  Coral Gables Museum, or City of Coral Gables calendars to find the lastest happenings in Coral Gables. 

Coral Gables has several great festivals two that must not be missed are:

In November 11-12, 2016 the 7th annual Coral Gables Food Wine & Spirits Festival takes place. This event is located on Alhambra from Ponce to Salzado under giant tents and is a lot of fun. You have  beer, wine, spirits, food, music, educational seminars and its all included in the ticket. Prices range from $49 to $99

In January 28-29,2017 is the Coral Gabls Festival of the Arts. This event also takes place in Alhambra but is larger than the food and wine fest an it takes place from Ponce to Lejeune. The art festival is free to attend and has fine art, crafts, kids area, music, food, beer, wine and spirits. This event always happens the last weekend of January.