Since Cape Canaveral is on the water, it’s no surprise that outdoor activities might be water related, or located near the water.

Fishermen never take vacations off from their hobby, so visiting Cape Canaveral should be no exception. Those who want to get in a little deep sea fishing can do so here. The cove has a wide variety of private, and head boat style fishing charters, READING CUSTOMER REVIEWS of fishing charters are key to having a great and successful offshore experience.

If hiking is more your speed, consider the many trails around Cape Canaveral. There’s the Canaveral National Seashore for hiking or walking, which is considered some of the most scenic in America, and stretches for hundreds of miles (and outside the state of Florida). You can also choose to workout outdoors - not at a gym either. There are outdoor fitness classes at Manatee Sanctuary Park in Cape Canaveral that are very affordable for the family or you and your friends. Check out Brevard's Premier Personal Training & Bootcamp for more information. 

There’s also Merritt Island, of course too. Many visitors to Cape Canaveral choose this location for their outdoor activities. Here you can enjoy wildlife, take hikes and gentle walks, and just soak up the fresh, sea air and enjoy the quiet.

Finally, enjoy the beaches. There are miles of beaches to choose from in Cape Canaveral, and sitting on one doing little else could be the perfect antidote to your otherwise busy vacation.