Getting information about travel to Cape Canaveral isn’t too difficult. You can find it online, or through a variety of print resources. But sometimes the best source of information is the original – the tourist board.

Go to Florida’s Space Coast for information on activities, hotels and travel in and around the Cape Canaveral region. From this one website, you can learn about the area and its variety of activities, find the calendar of all the various launches from the Kennedy Space Center so you can try and coordinate your trip, and watch a “beach cam” to get you into the mood for your trip.

Many cruise ships sail from Cape Canaveral, so the Florida’s Space Coast website also offers information on park and cruise packages, which allow you the option of spending a few days in a Cape Canaveral hotel before or after your cruise.

The City of Cape Canaveral website also offers information for travelers. Click on the “tourist information” button on the left side of the home page for a variety of traveler information. There, you can also find a link to the Kennedy Space Center website, where you can get detailed information about upcoming launches and even purchase tickets if a shuttle launch is near.