When visiting Port Canaveral or Cape Canaveral for a short time or even for a week or more, it often makes better sense to rent your beach gear than to buy it.  Renting is less expensive than buying and if there were no other reason, this should be enough to convince you that renting is a better option.  But there is more to the point.  Rental equipment is better quality than the throw-away stuff shopper's find in the big beach stores.  You will typically have more options available to you in the same price range, and reputable rental companies can deliver your beach equipment directly to you and pick it up when you're done.

For some items such as surfboards, beach canopies, bikes and other larger equipment pieces, renting is a far better option than buying.  These products cost in the hundreds of dollars and they are too bulky to travel with.  So, next time you're planning to travel to the Beach for an afternoon or for the week, research rental providers in the area and give them a call.  You'll save money, travel lighter, and have a more pleasurable beach experience.