Want to get active in Boca Raton? The main sports and sport-like attractions in Boca include golfing, tennis, snorkeling, scuba diving, and the beach. While not exactly an adventure-sport locale, if you enjoy any of the above, there are places to go in and around Boca.

For golfers there is no shortage of good greens. Some top-notch ones include the Boca Raton Resort & Club and the Inn at Ocean Breeze Golf and Country Club. Also check out the Deer Creek Golf Club, 2801 Country Club Blvd., Deerfield Beach  954-421-5550. Finally, the Boca Raton Executive Country Club, 7601 E. Country Club Blvd. 561-997-9410 is another good place to go. You can even get a lesson from a PGA professional! The Club is open to the public most of the year. Note: 12 private courses in the area open themselves to the public during prime golfing season (May-October). Check with your hotel for reservations.

 If you want to play Tennis in Boca seek out the chic Delray Beach Tennis Center, 201 W. Atlantic Ave. 561-243-7360; www.delraytennis.com, or the Patch Reef Park courts, 2000 NW 51st St. 561/997-0881. 

For snorkelers and divers there are two good places to seek out. First, Moray Bend, ¾ a mile off of Boca Inlet. Take a boat from Force E Dive Center, 877 E. Palmetto Park Rd., Boca Raton 561-368-0555, and make sure to feed the three moray eels that are accustomed to getting fed by divers! Also check out Red Reef Park, 1400 N. Ocean Park Blvd. 561-393-7974. This park on the ocean has beginning snorkeling. Make sure to take a picnic to enjoy in the park on one of the picnic tables when you’re finished in the water!

Finally, don’t forget to hit the beach! One of the most popular is Delray Beach, on Ocean Boulevard at the east end of Atlantic Avenue. Some other good spots are Atlantic Dunes Beach, 1600 S. Ocean Blvd., South Beach Park, 400 N. Ocean Blvd., and Spanish River Park Beach, on North Ocean Boulevard (Fla. A1A).

FAU Basketball Arena - "The Burrow"

Attend Division 1 college men's basketball games on the campus of Florida Atlantic University (FAU). Basketball season begins in November and runs through March (see the Home Game Schedule ). Adult tickets $12, Youth/Senior $10.