Boca Raton has a subtropical climate with an average temperature of 77F annually. Winters are usually warm, with days around 75F and nights around 56F. However, the occasional cold snap does occur, so bring a light sweater just in case. Summers are rainy, humid and hot(think 90F for a high and 75-80F for a low). Autumn and spring are rather pleasant. Water temperatures range from 70F in winter to 85F in summer, and from 75F in spring to 80F in fall.

    Sound perfect? Beware: Boca Raton, like most of Florida, is susceptible to hurricanes. The hurricane season in Florida runs from about the beginning of June to the end of November. Boca Raton is affected (meaning it is hit or brushed) by a hurricane approximately every 2.6 years. Most recently, Boca Raton was hit by hurricane Wilma on October 24 of 2005. The resulting damage  was extensive.