Rehoboth Beach was founded in the early 1870's by the Reverend Robert W. Todd as a Christian seaside resort.  Todd was known to have visions and dreams prior to the founding of Rehoboth Beach, which led him to the spot on the Delaware coast where the ciy now lies.  His plans were to create a sanctuary where Christians could come for restorative "rest cures", popular at the time, and get together for religious revival meetings.  Todd's original name for the town was "The Rehoboth Beach Camp Meeting Association of the Methodist Episcopal Church".

The Association laid out the plans for the town, including its streets, parks, and religious meeting places.  Christians came to the town and purchased lots where they built cottages and attended revival meetings during the summer months. 

Today Rehoboth Beach is a major summertime beach destination on the Mid-Atlantic Coast of the US, attracting thousands of visitors each year.  The Beach is home to a lively boardwalk and offers numerous attractions, dining, and shopping.