Many people ask if it is better to buy a parking pass, pay the meters or ride the bus?

If you are driving downtown during the day in the summer, you ARE going to either get a permit, pay the meter or ride the bus.  All non-metered parking spots require a permit between 10 AM and 5 PM during the season.  The season runs from the Friday immediately preceding Memorial Day through the second Sunday following Labor Day. 

METERS:  in effect from 10 am until midnight. Meter rates are high: $ 2.00 per hour.  Some meters have electronic payment options, but change machines are also available at First St. & Rehoboth Ave. (near the bandstand) and on the third block of Rehoboth Ave. (on the median across from the Fire Department). A great place to get quarters is at the Parking Meter Department which is located in the brown trailer in the City Hall parking lot because they are open approximately 8 AM to Midnight in the summer AND you can purchase a full roll of quarters.  They are very nice.

Disabled Plates?????  You still have to pay the meter.  Think of it as a version of sales tax.

"Parking and Walking Map" -- this is a pdf showing meter area vs permit area.

PARKING PERMITS:  The parking permit is great for some people: if you need to have your car downtown, but are willing to walk a ways with your stuff. Parking permits are required daily from 10 am - 5 pm in ALL non metered areas within the city. Permits cost: Weekly $60.00; Three Day Weekend $35.00; Weekend Daily $15.00; Weekday Daily $10.00.

If you are planning to spend the day on the beach, then the meters are not a good option unless you use one of the 10 hour meters. Technically, you are not supposed to just keep feeding the 2 hour meters; you are supposed to move your car when your 2 hours are up.

RIDING THE BUS:  If you are staying out on the highway, then the bus might be your best option.  For about $7 per carload, you can park at the PARK & RIDE, and the bus will bring you into town about 1.5 miles away and drop you at the bandstand. The bus runs back and forth every 20 minutes or so from about 6 AM to 2 AM.

Enjoy your visit!