The "Mystic Seafarer's Trail" is full of local history, adventure, misadventure, and laughs.  

Lisa has thought long and hard about the historic homes, landmarks, graveyards, and dead people of Mystic, Connecticut.  As a newbie in an old seaside town, Lisa sets out to explore what life was, is, and will be (for her) in Mystic.  She brings with her her bassett/beagle hound, Bailey, and a unique, thoughtful, and - often - quite humorous perspective. As you walk the streets of this small seaside town with Lisa and you get to know her, you find yourself interested, engaged, and (seriously) laughing outloud. This book is perfect for Mystic area locals, history buffs (she's done her research), sightseers, and those who could use a good laugh.  And, if they ever make the "Mystic Seafarer's Trail - The Movie," Lisa should definitely be in it. (If you've read the book, you know what I mean ;-)

If you live in, or are traveling to the Mystic, Connecticut area, this book is for you.