Kidcity Children's Museum at 119 Washington Street in Downtown Middletown: Kidcity is for kids ages 1 to 8, and it's a mix of whimsical play-on art, created by local sculptors and muralists, and lots of hands-on activities for learning and playing pretend. Exhibits include The Space Age Roadtrip, The Clipper Ship, The Farm, Main Street, Musical Planet, Video Theater, Reading Room, Toddler Sea Caves and The Cornfield. Located in the 1835 Camp Sterns House just off Main Street the historic home was renovated and opened in 1998. In 2003 the musuem completed an addition of a second historic looking building.   The homepage of the museum is here.



Oddfellows Playhouse Youth Theater at 128 Washington Street in Downtown Middletown: Founded back in 1975 the theater is the largest and most active year round youth theater in the state. The theater is housed in a 10,000 square foot renovated building just off Main Street. The theater was founded by a group of Wesleyan University students and now serves 2,500 young people ages 6-20 each year.

Benjamin Douglas House at 11 South Main Street in Downtown Middletown: The house is a private residence and thus not open to the public but take a picture as this house was a stop on the Underground Railroad

Cameron Art Gallery at 412 Main Street in Downtown Middletown: A fairly new gallery on Main Street in Downtown Middletown that features paintings, photographs and fabric pieces from 20+ artists. The gallery is housed in a newly renovated building that features 10,500 square feet of space and 30 foot ceilings.

Middlesex County Historical Society/ General Mansfield House at 151 Main Street in Downtown Middletown: The General Campfield house located on Main Street in DowntownMiddletown was built around 1810 for Samuel Mather who was a local merchant. In the 1950's the house was going to be demolished but was saved by the Middlesex County Historical Society and is now the headquarters for the society and is host to the society's museum. In 1997 the house underwent a major restoration. The museum explores the area's past through exhibits such as a Civil War exhibit and a virtual exhibit on immigration. The home page of the Middlesex County Historical Society is located here.  (click about us for more information)

Main Street Middletown: Main Street is a walkable area that is right between the Connecticut River near Route 9 and Wesleyan University. Main Street is filled with shops, restaurants, nightclubs that offer live music, The Inn at Middletown and such attractions as the Cameron Art Gallery, Destina Movie Theaters (just off Main Street), KidCity Children's Museum (just off Main Street) and the  Middlesex County Historical Society.

Middletown Heritage Trail: A historic walking tour of Downtown Middletown with 20 stations at various landmarks where one can learn about past residents of Middletown which include former American presidents, freed slaves, Civil War Generals and Academy Award winning composers. The trail starts at the Middletown Police Station at 222 Main Street and free descriptive brochures with maps are located at the police station, General Mansfield House, Russell Library and the Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce. Info on the trail can be found on the the trail's page on the site of the Middlesex County Historical Society, located here.

Destina Movie Theaters - Metro Square 12 in Downtown Middletown at 49 College Street: Located in the Metro Square Complex just off Main Street going towards the Connecticut River in Downtown Middletown the 12 screen theater offers the latest movies. The homepage of Destina Theaters is located at (Then click for the Middletown theater)

The Buttonwood Tree/ North End Arts Rising Inc. at 605 Main Street in Downtown Middletown: A non profit arts orginazation founded in 1991 which includes the Buttonwood Tree which offers 250 events each year. The center offers an array of events which include concerts, discussions, poetry readings, open mics, and storytelling. The home page of the Buttonwood Treee/ NEAR Inc is located at

Wesleyan University: A private coeducational non sectarian school of liberal arts & science that was founded back in 1831. The university's campus is located in Downtown Middletown just one block behind Main Street. The university has 2700 full time undergraduates and 500 graduate students who study on the university's 290 acre campus includes 60 buildings. Wesleyan is one of the nation's leading liberal arts schools and is a leader in diversity. Miner Hills Family Golf at 247 Miner Street in Middletown: A public golf course that features tree lined fairways and a pond. The home page of Wesleyan University is located at







Miners Hill Family Golf at 247 Miner Street: A 9 hole public golf course that features a driving range, putting green, chipping, a pro shop and a snack area