Hartford has four distinct seasons (winter, spring, fall and summer), all of which have their own feel and charm.

Winters  can be tough and the city of Hartford receives a decent amount of snowfall each winter on average (48 inches).  Most snow storms that effect Connecticut tend to bring the heaviest snowfall to central and northern Connectocut, thus the far southern suburbs of Hartford tend so see a bit less snow than far northern or northwestern areas. Hartford functions during most winter storms which means businesses, shops, restaurants, and attractions continue to operate normally. Heavy snowfall does sometimes force events to be rescheduled, traffic delays, and some businesses to close at times and all this information can easily be found on local newscasts or online at www.wfsb.com, www.nbc30.com and www.wtnh.com.  

Summer is a great time in Hartford. Summers in Hartford can be hot and humid, but afternoon thunderstorms roll in bringing relief. There are a few heat waves each summer, with tempratures that hit 95 F . Always keep an eye to the sky for a passing thunderstorm which can come and go within minutes but drop heavy rain, wind, lightning, thunder and even hail sometimes. Unlike the more cloudy skies of winter, spring, summer, and fall see much more sunshine. 

During the late spring, summer and early fall many area restaurants offer outdoor seating and people are more apt to walk around outside.  The nicer weather also brings more outdoor activities such as outdoor concerts, fairs and car shows.