Greenwich is the southwestern most tip of the state of Connecticut, which is the southern most state in New England. Locations on the Long Island Sound the area around Greenwich has four true seasons with cold, cold winters and hot, hot summers. The spring and fall can generally be mild and pleasant. But depending on what you like to do there is never really a bad time to visit the state.

Winters can be extreme in the state of Connecticut and this is certainly true of Greenwich. Thanks to the position on the Long Island Sound Greenwich doesn’t get the extreme winter storms of its Atlantic neighbors, but all the water can mean wet and damp winters. This New York suburb suffers from a long winter, and it isn’t unusual to get seasonal cold snaps where temperatures can linger below freezing for several days.

Things pick up in the spring and by April the days get longer and generally be pleasant. April and May can be wet months, and this helps turn the state a lush shade of green! Summer can arrive abruptly, and it isn’t uncommon for high heat and humidity to come out of nowhere. The humidity can be intense, but not as bad as it is further down the Atlantic Coastline. The area is also cooled by breezes from the Long Island Sound, and temperatures can average as much as 10 to 15 degrees less than the big city neighbors in Boston and New York City.

The fall can be quite pleasant as well, and this is a great time to come see the leaves change. The nights can be crisp and cool, but there is still plenty of sun during the day and while the rains do pick up in November, Connecticut in the autumn can make for a great getaway destination.