There are many performing arts events in the Vail Valley area that take place in various locations, including the Vilar Center for the Arts in Beaver Creek – another ski resort town located very close to Vail - and in the Gerald Ford Amphitheater in Vail.

Cultural and performing arts events in Vail are abundant and are one of the main reasons that people visit the area, especially in the summer. Visitors to Vail are always impressed with the multitude and variety of performing arts productions that are hosted by the Town on an on-going basis.

During the summer, Vail Valley hosts a program called, “ PRIMA,” which is a summer-long celebration of various types of performances including music, films, and dance. Many performances included in this program are free to anyone who wants to attend. Some performances require an advanced ticket purchase.

The summer performing arts program in Vail Valley is world-renowned and like no other celebration in the world. Some of the many performances include the Vail Valley Music Festival, the Vail Jazz Festival, the Beaver Creek Concert Series, the Vail International Dance Festival, and the Beaver Creek Film Festival. There are also many other performances not included on this list.