The majority of people in Vail, Colorado at any given time are tourists or non-permanent residents. Knowing that, the Town of Vail’s government wants to make sure that everyone who spends vacation time in Vail feels safe at all times. The town knows that if something negative should happen to someone, it is unlikely that particular visitor would return there in the future. Vail is a town that relies on the tourism industry for most of its tax revenue, and therefore must ensure the safety of its visitors in order to retain its livelihood.

The Town of Vail has a police and fire department which both have primary goals of ensuring that everyone remains as safe as possible at all times. Police officers monitor the town, the roads and the parking lots, attempting to prevent all types of crimes - - both large and small - - from occurring.

Vail, like all other cities and towns across the United States, has an emergency 911 system that is available every hour of the day, every day of the year. The departments which respond to emergency calls are trained to help residents and tourists in any sort of emergency situation. Because Vail is a ski town in the winter months, the town's paramedics are specially trained to deal with ski-related incidents, accidents, and broken bones, which can sometimes not be prevented.