Steamboat Springs is a unique destination because the weather is nearly perfect year round.  The word “perfect” as it was used doesn’t mean that it is always warm, nor does it mean that there is little precipitation.  In fact, perfect during the winter months means that the temperatures stay below freezing and it often snows in large amounts.  In the summer however, perfect means that the sun is almost always shining, and rain rarely ruins a day.

            During the wintertime in Steamboat, the town’s main focus is the ski resort.  Steamboat is known for getting some of the deepest, driest and lightest snow in all of Colorado.  It is known as “Champagne Powder” by the locals.   

            During the summer months, Steamboat is a Mecca for outdoor enthusiasts.  With more sunny days than not, outdoor activities are rarely ruined by the weather. 

            On average, the hottest months of the year are July and August, during which time the daily high temperatures will usually be in the mid 70’s.  On average, the coldest months of the year are January and February, during which time the temperatures will dip to the single digits.  The rainiest month is July, and the snowiest month is March. 

            Check out Weather Now for a real-time forecast in Steamboat Springs.  Check out Averages for temperature and precipitation averages.