There is plenty of information about Steamboat Springs available online, and should be looked at by those planning a trip to the area.

            A great place to begin doing some research is on the City of Steamboat Springs Website .  This is a very useful site for the first time traveler to the area, as it provides information about recreation, transportation (to and from the city), lodging and shopping.  The site also provides a link to an interactive map of the city, as well as links to the various governmental departments of the city.

            Most who visit the area are here for one reason… the mountain resort.  The Steamboat Resort Homepage is the most valuable site for finding out about what the mountain has to offer.  The main links on the homepage include vacation planning, the mountain, things to do, and information about the town.  If researching about the winter season during summertime, there is an option to shift the site to its winter version (and vise versa). 

            Weather can often times plat a major role in deciding which time of year to visit a certain area.  Check out Weather Averages in Steamboat for temperature and precipitation averages throughout the year.     

            Visit the Steamboat Springs Police Site for information about their department.