Surrounded by mountains and at an elevation of 7,760 feet, Ouray has four distinct seasons and is generally sunny all year. On average Ouray can brag about having an average of 300 sunny days a year. Winters are snow-filled but shining under bright sunlight.

The summer in Ouray during mid-day is quite warm with the strength of the sun beating down. But weather in the mountains means adequate preparations need to be made. Morning and night become quite cool when the sun is not out and various layers of clothing are necessary as the temperatures change throughout the day. July sees a fair amount of thunderstorms and lush greenery.

The fall is a beautiful time to visit Ouray. The trees look as though they are lined one on top of another each boasting a different bright color of Autumn leaves. The weather is already quite cool in the fall and warm clothing is a must.

Ouray has a decent amount of snow each winter, averaging at 138 inches. The winter temperatures are suprisingly mild, they can remain in the 40s during the day and then at night get colder into the teens; nothing a cup of hot chocolate won't fix however!

Spring in the mountains can come late depending on the winter season therefore, vacations planned around this time should be held off as late into spring as possible.