The Animas River Trail is the single greatest thing to do in Durango.  It's a beautiful riverwalk.   Fun and Free!  Beautiful!  Ride your bike!  Walk your dog!  Wear your kids out! The trail is over seven miles long and goes from East 32nd Street all the way to behind Home Depot.   Jump on at  32nd street,  behind the high school, at Gazebo Park on 15th street (behind the VFW)  or behind the Community Rec Center.  Or go on down and park at Gateway Park and you can go either direction.  Beautiful views, and the train runs along the northern end of the trail.  You can also park at WalMart  or Home Depot and jump on the trail behind these businesses -- a little easier behind WM.  The trail is 100% safe during the daytime but at night some of the lonelier sections, like behind the shopping mall --- are not regularly patrolled.   The trail jumps across the river at several places, including the skate park.   Be sure and try the swinging bridge!