No, they aren’t ostriches, emus or even baby llamas. They are alpacas, and they have quickly become one of the best livestock investments for the small acreage land-owner!  


But whether you are looking to buy, or just want a day on the ranch learning about these friendly and gentle animals, an alpaca ranch makes a great destination. There are over 200 ranches in Colorado alone; several are only a short detour between Denver and the airport for a convenient last minute outing. For a map of the most convenient ranches go to this link:

Google search for alpacas near DIA

To the north, you will enjoy Stargazer Ranch Alpacas in Loveland , they offer very informative seminars on alpaca ranching, and just a few miles from the Loveland Outlet Stores.

For more information about alpacas, and a complete list of ranches all over the U.S. , go to the national database site, Alpaca Owners Association.

No matter what, Get out and experience these amazing animals for yourself, and the fantastic products they make possible. From socks to sweaters, you can't beat the warmth and softness of alpaca! Make the choice to visit an alpaca ranch near you, it is an experience you will never forget!