The first caution to those considering traveling to Colorado Springs is to be prepared for sunny days! The city averages 250 days of sunshine per year, and only 15.42 inches of rain annually. The climate is best described as a high desert type.

For winter weather, you can expect lows of 14°F and highs of 42°F (-10°C/ 5.5°C), whereas in the summer it can be as chilly as 55°F or a balmy high of 85°F (12.7°C/ 29.4°C). The hottest recorded temperature was 101°F (38.3°C) on June 7, 1874 -- but that's nothing compared to Death Valley's 134°F (56.7 °C)!

When to go depends on many factors. Colorado Springs usually does not get large amounts of snow, and when snow does fall it is ordinarily gone within a day or two. The local trails are all generally clear of snow from mid-April through mid-November, but even in January there can be days in the upper 50's. Due to the very low humidity, this means a light sweater or jacket is sufficient. Nights during mid-winter are always chilly so bring a heavier coat as well. 

The most snow falls in March and April, but at less than 16 inches of annual precipitation, there is not a lot of moisture to deal with. In June, July and August afternoon thunderstorms are very common. Mornings start out as clear, the skies darken and thunder rolls about 3 PM and it is clear again by 4:30. THe temperature can drop as much as 30 degrees when this happens.

September and October are usually very dry with warm days and cool nights when a light jacket or sweater is needed.