Hike a 14,000 foot peak (14'er).

There are several 14'ers that can make for great days hikes.  The closest are Quandary Mt. Quandary from McCullough Gulch, Democrat, Lincoln Mt. Lincoln el. 14,286', and Bross .  Others within an hour drive are Grays and Torreys.  Go to www.14ers.com for route maps, directions, photos, advice and more.

Hike a 13'er.

You can drive most of the way to the top of Baldy Mountain.  There is a large flat area above tree line where you can park.  A AWD or 4WD vehicle is recommended or something with clearance.  There are several false summits but it is a great workout with unelievable vies of Breckenridge and the Ten mile Range.

Peak 8 can be accessed from the Peak 8 fun park where you can hike from the bottom or enjoy a lift part of the way on the chair lift when in operation.

Peak 1 trailhead is located just off the bike path in Frisco.  This is a difficlut hike but has great views of Lake Dillon and the mountains.  Along the way are ruins of mining cabins.  For more information go to http://www.hikingincolorado.org/pk1.html

Day Hikes: 

The Peaks Trail from Breckenridge to Frisco would be great for beginners since there are no steep climbs.  Once in Frisco, you can hike back the way you came, take the paved bike path, or use the free Summit Stage buses.  The Peaks Trail is also a grat intermediate biking trail.

Mohawk Lakes (http://www.summitcountyexplorer.com/s...) is an intermediate hike where you can see mountain lakes, old log cabins, mining ruins and great views of the mountains.

Blue Lakes is another beginner level hike that takes you beside the base of Quandary (a 14'er).  The hike is on a forest road all the way to the dam.  After that single track can take you a little further.  This is a great relaxing stroll.  Ask a local outfitter shop in Breckenridge for directions.