The majority of visitors to Breckenridge who arrive by air do so by way of either Denver International Airport (DIA) or Colorado Springs Airport (COS).  DIA offers international as well as national service and is located about 100 miles from Breckenridge.  Colorado Springs Airport offers service by a limited number national carriers, and is approximately 160 miles from the city.

In most cases visitors will want to avoid flying into Eagle County Regional Airport (EGE), commonly referred to as Eagle/Vail. While the word "Vail" might conjure up the notion that this airport is nearer Breckenridge, it ofen takes just as long to drive from EGE as it would from DEN. Due to Eagle/Vail's diminutive size, visitors flying into this airport will almost always have a layover in Denver along the way - increasing travel time to Breckenridge.

Both the DEN and COS airports offer ground transportation to Breckenridge in the form of taxis, rental cars, limos, and shuttles.  See airport websites for more details and availability.   Shuttle service from Denver International Airport is available through Peak 1 Express, Colorado Mountain Express, Breckenridge Shuttle Service, or Powderhound Transportation. Most companies provide door-to-door pickups at almost any time of day and can accommodate your schedule within an hour or so. Private car service and charters are available from VailCoach , Alpenglow Express and  Colorado Mountain Express' Premier service.

If your travel plans include driving to Breckenridge, driving directions are available on the Tourism Board's website. Four-wheel-drive rental vehicles are advised during the winter months, as Interstate 70 crosses the Continental Divide en route to Breckenridge and can become quite icy and snowpacked - especially during frequent snow storms. Current road conditions are available on the Colorado Department of Transportation's website or by calling 303-639-1111.