When checking into things to do in Breckenridge before you go it is hard to find things that are free.  When spending money for tubing, snowmobiling, and of course skiing, you want to do something that does not cost an arm and leg. Carter park is it!

Get some sleds and go over there and sled down the hill all you want for free. If you are not wanting to sled, or just out of breath from the climb up the hill to watch is so much fun too. Between the small children carrying sleds twice their size, to the adults or ("big" kids) flying down the mountain and falling over at the end, you will spend time laughing so hard you almost cry.

Now if you are one of those who decide to take the hill by storm and sled down with the other kids and "big" kids you will also be laughing just as hard. It is a blast to go down that hill bumping down all the way and remember what it was like to be a child: the memories of mom dressing you in the snow suites that you could not move in to go out in the cold and play until it was potty time (which usually came the moment she zipped you up)...

Great for anyone able to make the climb and endure the soreness the next moring from bumping down that hill. You will have had so much fun and the fact it was free only made it that much better.  Give it a try and enjoy what it was like in the "Good Ole Days"!