The city of Boulder , Colorado is very concerned about the topic of safety primarily because Boulder is filled with about 25,000 college students. Because Boulder is considered a “college town,” there is a higher incidence of underage drinking, speeding vehicles, and other issues that normally arise near college campuses. However, Boulder is also concerned with protecting its permanent residents in every way possible.

One of the largest problems related to safety in Boulder is speeding. To help alleviate this problem, the city frequently places police officers on the roads, along with their radar guns. They are known to regularly pull over speeders both during the day and night so that they can issue speeding tickets.

The University of Colorado has its own security department, and does everything in its power to prevent crime and any sort of illegal activities from occurring both on the campus and in the areas where students tend to live. Because not all crimes can be stopped before they happen, there are numerous “call for help” stations set up around the campus for students to utilize in case of an emergency.

The City of Boulder is generally a very safe place, and most people feel comfortable walking by themselves at any time of the day. Most residents of Boulder are very friendly and welcoming, but the city is by no means crime-free, so a level of caution should always be taken.