If you're looking for "off the beaten path" activities near Beaver Creek, the perfect place to start is the Vail Pass Winter Recreation Area, located just a short drive to the East on Interstate 70.  Here, backcountry enthusiasts can take advantage of 52 miles of non-motorized trails, 50 miles of which are groomed by the USFS.  Nordic ski and snowshoe rentals are available at retail establishments within the village of Beaver Creek.  Trail maps can be found online at the above link or picked up at the Vail Pass parking area, located atop Vail Pass.  

Vail Pass is also the locals' favorite arena for backcountry skiing and snowmobiling.  The recreation area offers 3,300 acres of motorized-assisted ski terrain, allowing skiers and snowboarders to access deep backcountry bowls via snowmobile trails that ascend neighboring ridgelines.  Before venturing into the ski terrain, be sure to bring your backcountry avalanche knowledge, beacon, probe and shovel with you.  Less experienced backcountry users can take guided ski tours with local snowcat skiing outfits who will equip you with the necessary gear as part of a package.  Snowmobilers who are not traveling with their own machines will find both rentals and guided tours availble to them.  

Beaver Creek also has a spectacular amound of "side country" located just outside the ski area boundaries.  This out of bounds ski terrain retains deep fresh snow longer than most in-bounds terrain.  Again, be sure to travel with the proper equipment and be sure you know where you're headed and how you'll return to the ski area's boundaries.  

Local outfitters can also be hired for mountaineering, rock climbing and ice climbing, backcountry skiing, survival skills and more..


Kelly Liken - Vail

Juniper - Edwards

Ti Amo - Eagle Vail