The grassy hills around Yountville turn slightly green during the winter, but the rest of the year they’re golden-brown. The reason for this is that Napa Valley gets almost no rain. It has a balmy California climate that is good for people but not for vegetation. The lack of harmful heavy rain and snow is, however, ideal for grapes, which are carefully irrigated to keep them growing.

Yountville is almost never humid, and while it can get quite sunny and hot during the day, nights and mornings are usually cooler. The temperature doesn’t vary too much during the year, hovering between 50 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit, although it may rain a few more days per month during the winter. When scheduling your visit, keep in mind that Yountville gets the most tourists during the summer and fall harvest season, and throughout the year there are many weekend visitors from San Francisco. If you want to minimize crowds, visit on a weekday during the winter or spring, because the weather should cooperate no matter when you go.

Before you leave, check Weather Underground’s 10-day forecast for rain – otherwise, make sure to bring the flip-flops and sunscreen. Another good resource is the Napa Valley Visitor’s Center weather page , which has some helpful information about pollen count and wind speeds.