The best online resources on Yountville can be found at the Chamber of Commerce . The Chamber's web site features an events calendar and a valuable section on tourist information, which includes contact numbers and addresses for hotels, restaurants, museums, and tour companies. The Chamber of Commerce also has an office building in Yountville to better assist travelers while they are in town; the office is located at 6484 Washington Street. The Valley as a whole has a larger Visitors Bureau in the town of Napa , a nine mile drive southeast from Yountville. The Bureau’s web site has a section on Yountville that contains an especially useful map.

Tourists are very welcome in Yountville – so much so that, in addition to the official tourist services, many of the wineries offer trustworthy travel advice. These companies are trying their utmost to make sure you enjoy your stay in Yountville, because that way you will be more likely to return and buy more of their wine! Goosecross Cellars, for example, provides some of the best driving directions to Yountville from major California cities and airports. The directions will take you to their winery, but Yountville is such a small town that it is easy to alter the directions.