Since Sonoma is spread out, most visitors choose to rent a car for the trip. Once in a car, visitors can choose among the myriad of areas popular for winemaking. Sonoma Valley – located in between Sonoma and Santa Rosa , is a great area to drive through and taste test. Majority of vineyards are accessible off of Highway 101, one of the main thorough fares in Sonoma. Drivers can take their time and explore the hills and valleys, get lost, and find rustic farms and horse barns alongside robust fields of vines. For an idealic experience, tourists can rent a convertible and enjoy the fresh, crisp California air while driving. (Note: Remember do not drink and drive! Since there are only a few main roads in Sonoma, the busy ones are often heavily patrolled by police who ensure that Sonoma remains an Oasis of calm attitude as well as safety. )

Another pleasant and economical way to tour Sonoma is to rent a bike. One shop, the Sonoma Valley Cyclery, offers bike rentals at $6 an hour approximately. (20093 Broadway, (707) 935-3377) Though Sonoma is spread out, there are several vineyards very centrally located around Sonoma Town. The town itself has a number of superb tasting rooms. The Sonoma Coast is also a relaxing place to bike, seen as it has mystical views of the Pacific from its cliff-top roads.