Santa Monica weather, much like the rest of Los Angeles, is temperate and fantastic year-round. You really can't go wrong any time of the year if you're planning a trip to the West Coast to see Santa Monica and the surrounding cities. While it does get cooler in the winter months, you'll never have to bust out the winter coat and gloves. No snow and ice here, unlike many other cities across the country battling Mother Nature's temper tantrums during the winter.

With the exception of a couple winters back when continuous rainstorms and flooding hit SoCal, there's not a lot of rain in these parts. Generally speaking, it would seem like the weather forecasters don't even have to show up - they could just replay the same forecast every day - "Today it will be sunny and 70 with few clouds in the sky." Seriously.

That being said, surprisingly June is not the best month for beach-goers. The "June Gloom" phenomenon hits beach areas during the month and visitors can expect hazy, overcast days. The temperatures are still fine, but if you're planning on soaking up the sun and turning a golden brown, skip June and come later in the summer.

Depending on your enjoyment of being around throngs of tourists, you may want to alter your vacation plans to fit the seasons. In the winter months, you can expect the typical tourist areas to be less crowded (and to some, much more enjoyable). However, areas like the Venice Beach Boardwalk just down the road all but close up shop because of the slow business. There are less people on the beach (although it's not uncommon for a warm spell to hit and temps to reach 75-80 degrees) and generally all around. In the summer, expect the Boardwalk, Third Street Promenade and virtually all the streets in Santa Monica to be busting at the seams with kids on school vacation, European backpackers and the locals who live here. The weather is warm, the sun is shining - there's no better time to be at the beach. And everyone is fully aware of that. Plus, all sorts of outdoor activity (surf competitions, volleyball tournaments, etc), keep this area busy.