Never too warm, never too cold would certainly describe the weather of San Luis Obispo. The temperatures seldom get below freezing and the average snowfall has been practically non-existent for the past 60 years. Daytime temperatures in August, which is the warmest month, average around 80 degrees, and in January, the coolest month, the average is about 63 degrees. Thus the weather is certainly mild in this central California town. Even in the evening hours the lows seldom dip below 40 on most nights. But in the summer the temperatures can also fall to the high 40s or low 50s, so you’re best advise is to dress in a few light layers.

Summertime is dry, with the time from June through August experiencing very little, if any, rainfall. The humidity can be a bit higher in the morning, but the sun will burn that off by noon and throughout much of the daytime hours the average humidity hovers around a comfortable 60%. In July and August you can quite literally say there might not be a cloud in the sky!

The wettest time of the year is December through March, and this is the rainy season, but even then it isn’t uncommon for days of sunshine as well. Generally more cloudy and cool, the town of San Luis Obispo is still quite inviting through the winter.