Saint Helena is an excellent location to use as a home base for further exploration of more well-known parts of California.  This is because it is centrally located in the heart of Napa Valley.  Several days can be spent just exploring that area alone, venturing further out each day from the hub of Saint Helena.

Napa Valley is located within the heart of Northern California, so visitors will find that staying in Saint Helena means that it is relatively easy for them to get to busy cities such as Sacramento ( http://sacramento-hotels.tripadvisor.... ) and San Francisco ( ).  Those locations, as well as Oakland, are located only about an hour’s drive from Saint Helena, depending upon traffic conditions.

Travelers who have not seen the Pacific Ocean should make it a point to take a day trip in that direction.  One of the best beaches to access from Saint Helena is Stinson Beach.  Travelers will find that a terrific weekend getaway is to start from Saint Helena, head through Muir Woods to Stinson Beach, and then take the Golden Gate Bridge in to San Francisco.  Upon leaving San Francisco, travelers can cross the Bay Bridge in to Oakland and then get back to Saint Helena from there.  This is a convenient way of seeing most of the best day trip destinations in the area.